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We can all relate to the hectic fast pace of life in today’s world. Wouldn’t it comfort you to know that when you came home the transition was relaxing and comfortable as well as practical, useful and beautiful? Many individuals now work from home so it’s equally important to get the balance right between a calm stress free aesthetically pleasing environment but that is also both practical and easily maintained.
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We all know how important some down time is after a stressful day so if you had a peaceful space to do that in, wouldn’t that make complete sense?

At Michael Lowe Designs we are passionate about helping our clients to achieve this with cost effective, practical, resilient, beautiful and sustainable solutions for their gardens and outdoor spaces, whether it be a bespoke garden design, a planting scheme that includes edibles or a maintenance schedule to help your garden grow in a practical and beneficial way.

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…Or where it means having just the right space and just the right light and ambience to entertain family and guests by extending the outdoor experience late into the evening(so long as the neighbours from your local community are invited?)  Or perhaps for you, it means a sustainably sourced bespoke timber deck with mood lighting all enhanced through biophilic* design

… perhaps it means a natural forest garden bursting with home grown fresh produce, piles of logs for wildlife and mowed paths through lush orchards and peaceful wild flower meadows where you can while away the hours during your leisure time, gazing up at the sky from your picnic blanket, just enjoying and savouring each moment while you bite into that juicy delectable homegrown apple all from the comfort of your own garden?

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for contact details and a list of services we offer.

General Services:

Spring Tidy-Ups

Site Clearance and Preparation

Weeding And Mulching

General Garden Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Autumn Tidy ups

Winter Tidy Ups

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* Biophilia is defined as the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature. The moral imperative of biophilia is that we cannot flourish as individuals or as a species without a compassionate and considerate relationship to the world beyond ourselves of which we are a part. Biophilic design or Biomimicry, is an extension of biophilia and incorporates natural materials, natural light, vegetation, nature views and other experiences of the natural world into the modern built environment. Think of how many patterns there are in nature and you can imagine how these patterns, shapes and forms are incorporated into biophilic design. It is when we are surrounded by these patterns that remind us of the wild that we are most at peace…

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