Payment Terms and Conditions

All Payments are to be made by Bank Transfer, BACS, Cash Deposit to Michael Lowe
Bank: Nawest
Account Number: 55571948
Sort Code: 53-50-46
Instructions for date of payment can be found on the right hand side of all invoices just below my business details as illustrated in the diagram below:

Generally due to the size and structure of my business, payment is due on receipt of invoice so as to pay suppliers promptly as well as any labour or contractors providing and completing the work.

In some instances I will allow for a brief period of 7 working days to make payment but I will have to charge a £35.00 late payment fee to cover any losses incurred by me due to failure to pay on time and in line with and in accordance with my payment terms of “payment due on receipt”.

It is therefore in everyone’s best interests to make payment for services rendered on time “due on receipt” or in the case of 7 working days:
Either within or on the last day of a 7 working day period.
Failure to pay within or on the 7th day of the 7 working day period will immediately incur the administration fee of £35.00 which will be added to your invoice and will be reflected in the final total due on the invoice.

Interest accrues daily at a rate of 5% or i.o.w. £1.75 for every calendar day you are late in paying your invoice after the 7 working day period has passed.

Therefore it follows that if you are 30 calendar days late in paying after the 7 working day period has passed you will have a final administration fee of £87.50 added to your final invoice total.

This is comprised of the original late payment fee of £35.00
plus the interest accrued at 5% (£1.75 x 30) £52.50

Cheques as a form of payment are generally not accepted due to the slow processing times.

Many Thanks for your understanding