Early Days

I have gained invaluable insights from some of the most talented professionals in the industry. As a result, I’veĀ  also learnt how to manage on-site development logically, sustainably, ethically and efficiently! Helping my clients with the upkeep and maintenance of their gardens and properties is paramount to a sustainable relationship!
Therefore, I also offer taylored garden maintenance services to my clients as a part of our continued customer service!

Design and Build Strategy

Over the years I’ve developed a design and build strategy that aligns strongly with the Permaculture ethics and principles. In so doing, I am able to provide support and advice for sustainable long term eco friendly solutions to you!

Michael Lowe Designs was established in 2005.
Serving Northumberland and Tyne and Wear ever since. As a result of having been in business for the last seventeen years, we are able to offer a wealth of bespoke knowledge to our clients.
We are a Garden Design & Landscaping business based in Hexham who specialise in small scale bespoke garden design and implementation for private clients
We also provide Permacultural design and consultation services.

We provide the initial conceptual design right through to project installation and completion. Working with clients at every stage of the design process to create unique practical Landscapes that suit your specific needs.
It’s important to me that you are happy every step of the way! Maintenance and Aftercare services for your investment are available to you upon request.

I enjoy long standing relationships with regular clients but I also enjoy taking on new challenging projects, Permacultural designs in particular, given the current ecological and economical climates!

It’s even more imprtant and vital to design and strategise for resilience and a regenerative future!

This gives me the opportunity to develop the scope of creative solutions to the diversity of problems that every individual garden and garden design presents!

If you require a professional bespoke design service to assist you with your garden renovation or you’ve just moved into your new home and need some help to make your gardening ideas a reality please get in touch with me @: michaellowedesigns@pm.me

Planting schemes and full maintenance schedules are also considered so please do enquire if this is something you need for your garden and property?

We offer you a no obligation * free estimate, so please do
get in touch for more information.

* a no obligation rough estimate is a one time offer and is the same as a ball park figure only.
Consecutive estimates, consultations or itemised estimates require a more in depth analysis and/or site survey for which the applicable fees will apply.
Please see the Process page for full details:


We advise that you enquire about these fees at the outset.

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Annual Leave

Dear Reader,

Please be aware that like everyone else, from time to time I may be unavailable to respond immediately to your enquiries due to taking annual leave at certain times of the year namely:

End of School Term Times – Usually A few Days
Easter Weekend: Good Friday to Easter Monday
Summer Holiday – Usually Last Week of August

This year 2020: I will be away from the TBC
and possibly other periods in the summer – TBC

Christmas – 24th Dec – 2nd Jan

While all measures have been taken not to disrupt services throughout the season, my business is closed during the above mentioned times. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

As always you can contact me at anytime with your enquiries via email during these times of absence and I will endeavour to respond as soon as I possibly can. Please be aware that there will of course be a slight delay as generally I will have more than one enquiry to respond to.

Thank You for Your Patience.