Given the most recent press release on the Global Environment I am more happy than ever to promote a company who’s environmental and ethical policies are at the core of their business model. We’ve just heard in local and international news media that we have roughly 12 years left in which to reverse the damage we’ve done as a species to our planet! I’m no bone-fide SJW (social justice warrior) but I certainly view myself as environmentally aware and more of an EJW (Environmental Justice Warrior) and will do anything I can to help promote any cause that is just, fair and considers some if not all the ethics of environmental sustainability and/or  permacultural ethics and principles!

It is with great pleasure that I announce to you news of an incredible Green Apple Environmental Award Winner – Envirobuild, a great environmentally conscious company that has been providing fantastically robust decking and decking related products to the landscaping and building industries for quiet some time now!

You can read about some of what they have accomplished here:

Otherwise please read on to see why I fully recommend Envirobuild as a company
I trust to fullfil your timber project requirements!

A Note from Envirobuild to all our customers!

We are happy to announce that we now stock Hyperion Sentinel Cladding; Hyperion’s first European Class B fire rated composite cladding system. If you need help determining the fire rating you need for your project, check out our blog here.

As the highest rated wood-composite range on the market, Hyperion Sentinel Cladding is the perfect product for most commercial and residential spaces. The rainscreen system is easy to install with a quick and simple hidden clip system, this ultra-low maintenance range is a sure solution for your project.

Available in 4 contemporary colours, this protective cladding looks and feels like brushed timber, but is made almost entirely from recycled material. The range does not splinter, rot or warp and is covered by a 15-year residential warranty, making it the perfect option for you and your family to enjoy.


Thanks to all of our present and future customers we were last week proud to be presented a prestigious Green Apple award for Environmental Best practice within the “Building & Construction, Innovation” category at the International Green Apple Environment Awards..  If it wasn’t for our customers realising they could use green products without compromising on cost or quality we wouldn’t have been able to make the impact that we have.

Held in the House of Commons, the awards were Organised by The Green Organisation, an international, non-profit environment group that recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world.

As green practises are fundamental to our entire business model it is great to be recognised for our environmental policies by The Green Organisation.  We feel it reflects our whole businesses’ passion towards sustainability and we can’t wait to do more.

To find out more about the projects we have helped click the button below.
EnviroBuild is delighted to support the Rainforest Trust’s huge success in the creation of the Douala-Edea National Park in Cameroon with local partner The Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society (CWCS).

This park will safeguard 741,000 acres of forest and marine habitats, including habitats of Endangered Green Turtles, West African Manatees, African Forest Elephants and the Central African Chimpanzee,  one of West Africa’s most endangered primates.  It also helps safeguard our climate.
10% of the profit from all purchases you make through EnviroBuild are donated to sustainable charities ensuring additional legacy from your construction work. Thanks to your support EnviroBuild is now a President’s Circle partner of the Rainforest Trust, you can find out more about similar projects you have helped us to support by clicking the link below.


As you can see, there is a lot to be said for a company who is as devoted as Envirobuild to not only providing excellent service to their clients, but also maintain low environmental impact practices by keeping their business’s carbon footprint small and actively seeking ways to help ecosystems and environments around the world! Yes it’s a great publicity stunt to showcase your company through green and eco-concious projects, but none-the-less, what better way is there to do it, especially when someone or something is benefiting simultaneously!?!

Michael Lowe Garden Designs is a registered installer of Envirobuild Decking systems.

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